China in a Week

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – William Shedd

These words found me on the back of a bottlecap in the midst of printing my visa application for China. If you know anything about applying for a visa, it can be very tedious. And if you wait until the last minute like I did (two weeks before my flight), you might start to freak out a little. Naturally, I started to rethink everything. What if I don’t get approved in time? What if I’m denied because I got something wrong? And I’m only visiting for a week, is that stupid? Am I stupid? What am I trying to prove? Am I trying to prove anything? Wait, what is the point? What if something happens to me?  Maybe I should just stay home, where I’m safe, where I’m comfortable —

And then, weirdly, you open a bottle of tea and there’s your answer: You are built for this.




Photos taken with an Olympus Stylus and iPhone 6s.

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