Bar Harbor Once Again

If a place hits you just right, I think you’re supposed to go back.

I fully believe our souls pull us in a certain direction because parts of us already reside there. Sure, Nashville is my home. It’s where I was born and raised. But I’ve always felt that my true home is among the mountains and the sea. I know I am a better version of myself out there, so why wouldn’t I chase that?

Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.

But lately, I’ve wondered: Is it selfish to indulge in these places – to feed the soul because I am able? What about those who don’t have the opportunity? How do I justify an escape? Why should I seek clarity when I know there are people still searching?

The truth is, I’m not sure if there is a truth. I don’t have a solid answer.

But what I can say is, if it speaks to you, listen. If it inspires you, let it. If it will make you a better you, go be a better you. And if you can find a way to share it with others, then absolutely do that.

An elderly lady sits on Sand Beach at sunset. Her husband sits at her knees (not pictured) holding binoculars.

Bouldering off Great Head Trail.


Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.


Child runs around on Cadillac Mountain during sunset.


Climbing Otter Cliffs.

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